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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 16, 2014 1:00pm-1:11pm JST

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>> you can learn more about traveling within japan and the japanese language by visiting the "meet and speak" website. \s the president of ukraine has accused russia of sending military vehicles into his country. he says the government forces launched an attack on the vehicles, but russian officials deny that any incurtion has taken place. he spoke with the situation during a phone call with the british prime minister, david cameron. he said military vehicles and
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weapons entered ukraine via borders by russian separatists. russian defense officials called the report a fantasy. the moscow-based news agency reports that pro-russian activist are also denying the allegations. fighting between the troops and separatists have led to the downing of a malaysia airlines flight almost a month ago. and the prime minister says he is ready to work with russian officials to resume the investigation of the crash. everybody on board were killed. poor security conditions in the area forced international investigators to suspend their work. the head of the ukrainian government's committee looking into the crash says government
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forces are not engaged in military action within 20 kilometers of the site. >> translator: they are putting the investigation at risk. >> he said it's not possible to negotiate with the separatists. he said resuming the investigation is up to russian officials. two leaders of the pro-russian rebels have stepped down. a separatists source told nhk this man resigned thursday because of battle wounds and officials with ukraine security service claim he played a major role in the annexation of crimea. another separatist leader resigned the same day, also because of wounds. he led attacks on government security organizations.
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ukrainian government forces began stepping up their offensive last month. they are trying to reclaim territory. the separatists have been holding since april. another one of ukraine's neighbors have been showing off what it has to defend itself. poland held its biggest military parade in years. the poles were commemorating their country's victory over soviet forces in 1920. about 1,200 soldiers were joined by 100 u.s. and canadian troops who are in the country for nato exercises. the president said developments in ukraine show not all eastern european nations enjoy security. he called for nato to boost its defenses. polish forces showed up 60 aircraft, over 120 tanks, and
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other military vehicles. leaders in warsaw have deep concerns about russia because their country was once part of the soviet bloc. they want nato to keep forces in poland permanently. staff with the world health organization are battling the deadliest out break of the disease. >> i think we have to realize that the current situation is really one of historical importance. we have never before seen an outbreak of ebola virus infection as large as this. >> they are tracking cases of
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the illness. they say more than 1,100 have died and they expect that number to rise. the government's of the four west african nations declared statement of emergency. the head of a nongovernmental tpraop said the epidemic of ebola will take six months to control. and one doctor reported what she had seen in ten days in countries hit by the virus. >> i really had the feeling it's like a wartime in terms of fear, general fear all over where you are, and nobody not understanding what is going on. >> she said ebola has changed peoples' social habits and she said they don't shake hands for fear of catching the virus and
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more workers are needed to track people that have come into contact with patients. iraq's sunni and muslim leaders are offering a chance to isolate the militants. they say they will work on the incoming prime minister on certain conditions. some control regions in the west and north and other members of the their secretat are angry by way they have been treated by the sunnis who lead the administration. and they reacted to the choice of the new by saying they welcome the new government and
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say they will help with the security. sunnis demanded they stop air strikes on residential areas. member governments have said they were prepared to supply weapons in response to a question from kurdish thoerdz. members of the u.n. security council have adopted a resolution condemning the islamic state. they said the international community should do everything it can to stop the extremist from committing civil rights
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crimes. >> it sends a clear political message that the international community condemns the beautiful and mindless attacks and is united in its resolve to oppose and confront it. >> the resolution calls on u.n. measures to stopped flow of foreign fighters from joining the group. here is the weekend weather forecast.
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